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I have many stories in my life where i feel i have lernt alot.Like how i went to vietnam in my secondary school.I helped afew children paint their school whjich helped me appreciate the struggles the faced in this country that is not so far from Singapore.

My experience of studying in my secondary school has also taught me alot.That is the point in time where i truely learnt what friendship was and did many fun activities with my friends.

And since i am from ACS(BR) which is a boys school.I learned what brootherhood was as it was more than just afew guys being friends.

With all of this experience i hope it will help me make good decisions in the future as i progress and meet many new people and challenges.

a guitar

I have recently bought an electric guitar and am planning to learn how to play it.I partly bought it because afew of my friends have but i am also interested to learn how to play the instrument.It looks hella cool though.

I also plan on learning new skills by working during the holidays as it is very beneficial to have many skills once i start working and it will give me a wider variety of jobs to choose from.